Joints Inc. – Your Preferred Worldwide Distributor of Vitriolic Flexible Pipe Couplings

Joints has supplied code approved, quality flexible pipe coupling to the construction industry for over 60 years. 

We offer high pressure, vitriolic flexible pipe couplings that are compatible with pipe made from steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastics, ductile iron, HDPE, PVC, Asbestos cement and concrete.
We’ve partnered with the construction, pipe and precast industries in the United States and Canada to provide innovative solutions for flexible connectors. These are also effective in both absorbing vibrations and reducing noise.

We offer the following four intelligently engineered flexible pipe connector ranges: 
1. ARPOLTRANS - Connects pipe with different outside dimensions
2. ARPOLFIX - Flexible couplings for pipe connections with axial restraint
3. ARPOLREP - Flexible couplings for pipe repair
4. ARPOL INSTAL - Flexible couplings for pipe connections 

The advantages of our Vitriolic Flexible Couplings include: 
They are cost effective, because the costs of installation and maintenance are relatively low. 
They come as a complete unit, and are ready-to-install.
Each has only one locking point allowing for hassle-free and quick assembly.
Their low weight yet high strength ensures a long service life.
They require minimum space required for installation.

As the pressure rises, the seal is increased proportionately, and the flexible pipe coupling adapts automatically to internal pressure changes. Our Vitriolic flexible couplings adapt to: 
Angular deflections
Angular movements
Radical deformations
Rough surfaces
Absorbs vibrations

Contact us to discuss your flexible pipe coupling needs. We look forward to working with you.


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