Joints, Inc.: The Home of Durable and Economical Pressure Couplings

Pipelines susceptible to high pressure need solutions that can ensure 100% reliability. In such a case, you need a trustworthy partner to offer you a select range of pressure couplings. Joints, Inc. has all the makings of a reliable supplier of code approved quality couplings that are in use all over the United States today.
Since we started operations in 1960, we have catered to diverse requirements that have left us with unparalleled industry insights. In addition to a range of high-end high pressure vitriolic flexible couplings, we also stock transition couplings, Calder style couplings and bushings, tap and tee saddles, Calder repair couplings, and much more.

Our range of pressure couplings deserves a special mention because they offer you sheer quality at competitive prices. These components can be used for pipe connections of steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastics, ductile iron, HDPE, PVC, Asbestos cement and concrete.
In keeping with the varied industry requirements, we offer a full range of pressure couplings meant for use with different pipe specifications:

  • ARPOLTRANS – For connecting pipes that have a varied external dimension.
  • ARPOLFIX – Meant for pipe connections with axial restraint.
  • ARPOLREP – Suitable for use in pipe repair works.
  • ARPOL INSTAL – Especially designed for establishing secure pipe connections.
At Joints, Inc., quality will never be a reason for disappointment because we stock only those products that comply with ASTM, 425, 1173, 923, and UPC. If you are looking for pressure couplings that are ready to use and do not add a significant amount of weight to your pipelines, you have most likely found the right partner in Joints, Inc. For more details, please visit us at