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As an increasing number of public and private works sector firms look for ways to improve sanitary sewage collection systems, the role of quality sewer pipe fittings cannot be undermined. And, as liabilities relating to environmental pollution continue to rise, using high quality couplings becomes imperative. At Joints Inc, we have continually endeavored to supply only quality and code compliant couplings to the construction, as well as water, sewer and public works contractors. That’s the reason behind our exceptional growth from being a one man shop to a worldwide distributor of superior products that are also environment friendly.

Our customers have been using our sewer pipe fittings for extended periods of time and have reported satisfactory performance year on year. Our products such as the tee and tap saddle, high pressure couplings, Calder style couplings, Calder style bushings are compatible for use with any nearly every pipe used for sewer, drain, waste, and vent applications.

Besides offering a standard range of couplings, we have carved a niche for our expertise in offering custom and emergency sewer repair couplings. Joints Inc. goes out of its way to ship these parts within 24 hours.
Long Lasting Sewer Pipe Fittings

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Our responsive sales staff makes it convenient for you to do business with us. Couplings offered by Joints Inc. can be quickly installed and easily adjusted. The sewer pipe fittings we sell are immune to corrosion and cracking despite contact with caustic substances often found in sewers.