Enhancing Your Operations with a High-Quality Flexible Pipe Connector Range

Under certain conditions, a rigid pipe connector can prove to be a complete misfit on your pipelines. These conditions could include dimensional variations between pipes, temperate fluctuations, and angular deflections at joints. If you are faced with these concerns, Joints Inc. recommends that you use a flexible pipe connector instead.

We offer a complete range of high-quality vitriolic flexible couplings that are suited for use in high-pressure environments as well. Their compatibility covers pipe materials such as steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastics, ductile iron, PVC, HDPE, concrete and asbestos cement.

Noise reduction and vibration absorption the other secondary traits that enterprises appreciate about this flexible pipe connector range.

We offer a range of flexible couplings for pipes from the house of Arpol. These products are renowned for their quality and durability. And when you purchase these from Joints Inc., cost savings are a given. 

The four variants under flexible pipe couplings include: 
Arpoltrans: Designed specifically for connecting pipes with different outside diameters 
Arpolfix: This line is suited for pipe connections with axial restraint 
Arpolrep: Pipe repair couplings that are designed for durability
Arpol Instal: These flexible couplings are suitable for pipe connections and installation

Our flexible pipe connector range finds applications in a variety of applications ranging from water and waste water conveying to chemical treatment plants to manufacturing and processing industries to the construction sector. 

Joints Inc. can offer innovative solutions that are specifically designed for flexible pipes. Take a moment to visit our website www.jointscouplings.com to learn more. Our team is standing by to assist you.


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