What are the Types and Uses of Tap Saddles

Flexible tap saddles are essential for managing an intricate network of pipes applications like water supply or drainage/ sewer system. To prevent imminent leakages and to easily manage the labyrinth of many pipes, tap saddles are progressively replacing the conventional ‘Y’ joints.

What are the different types of tap saddles?

You can get different types of tap saddles based on the raw material or the designing details used during manufacture. The following are some of the most common types of tap saddles you will find in the market:

1. Stainless Steel Tap Service Saddle: Highly durable and rust resistant, the stainless steel tap service saddles are useful for tapping pipes for connections of 1/2” through 2-1/2”. These tap saddles are reliable for preventing problems like leakage, splitting of the pipe, and clogging.

2. Carbon Steel Tap Saddle: Large taps and myriad piping networks can be connected more easily with the help of heavy fabricated carbon steel tapping saddles. These saddles come with built-in fitting range. Thus, your inventory needs are minimized, and you need not worry about getting the apt size sleeve. Assembly of the pipes with this tap saddle becomes easy because of smart designing.

3. Cylindrical Sleeve Tapping Saddle: Concrete pressure pipes utilize standardized designs for sleeve tapping saddles. The cylindrical sleeve saddle is easy for installation on concrete pipes. These saddles provide maximum safety by using various accessories such as cross section gasket, draw flange, gusseted pressure plate, etc.

4. Copper Pipe Service Saddle: Copper is a versatile metal, and the flexible saddles made with copper can be efficiently used in sewage piping networks, tapping water systems, as well as air supply pipes. The seals provided with these saddles ensure complete safety and prevention of any leakage.

Flexible tapping saddles have multiple applications. They can be used for:
·         Capping a gas line
·         Providing a connecting joint to pipes at bends and junctions
·         Establishing branch connections
·         Curbing issues like misalignment or leakage
·         Connecting and repairing sewage, drainage, and supply pipe networks
·         Sealing the vent piping supply systems

Flexible tapping saddles are essential for effortless connection and repair of piping networks. 

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