What are the Types and Uses of Tap Saddles

Flexible tap saddles are essential for managing an intricate network of pipes applications like water supply or drainage/ sewer system. To prevent imminent leakages and to easily manage the labyrinth of many pipes, tap saddles are progressively replacing the conventional ‘Y’ joints.

What are the different types of tap saddles?

You can get different types of tap saddles based on the raw material or the designing details used during manufacture. The following are some of the most common types of tap saddles you will find in the market:

1. Stainless Steel Tap Service Saddle: Highly durable and rust resistant, the stainless steel tap service saddles are useful for tapping pipes for connections of 1/2” through 2-1/2”. These tap saddles are reliable for preventing problems like leakage, splitting of the pipe, and clogging.

2. Carbon Steel Tap Saddle: Large taps and myriad piping networks can be connected more easily with the help of heavy fabricated carbon steel tapping saddles. These saddles come with built-in fitting range. Thus, your inventory needs are minimized, and you need not worry about getting the apt size sleeve. Assembly of the pipes with this tap saddle becomes easy because of smart designing.

3. Cylindrical Sleeve Tapping Saddle: Concrete pressure pipes utilize standardized designs for sleeve tapping saddles. The cylindrical sleeve saddle is easy for installation on concrete pipes. These saddles provide maximum safety by using various accessories such as cross section gasket, draw flange, gusseted pressure plate, etc.

4. Copper Pipe Service Saddle: Copper is a versatile metal, and the flexible saddles made with copper can be efficiently used in sewage piping networks, tapping water systems, as well as air supply pipes. The seals provided with these saddles ensure complete safety and prevention of any leakage.

Flexible tapping saddles have multiple applications. They can be used for:
·         Capping a gas line
·         Providing a connecting joint to pipes at bends and junctions
·         Establishing branch connections
·         Curbing issues like misalignment or leakage
·         Connecting and repairing sewage, drainage, and supply pipe networks
·         Sealing the vent piping supply systems

Flexible tapping saddles are essential for effortless connection and repair of piping networks. 

tap saddle

Things to Know About Transitional Couplings/Fittings for Domestic Purposes

Homeowners often require using more than just one type of pipe. Transitional couplings or plumbing fittings make it easier for them to connect different kinds of pipes made of varied materials. These pipe couplings attach pipes made of PVC, galvanized iron or even copper with proper fitting and alignment. However, the 2 most important things to know about these plumbing fitting are: choosing the right transitional pipe fitting and ways to install the same properly.
Attaching galvanized iron to copper machine
When copper needs to be attached to galvanized iron, it requires transitional plumbing fitting with dielectric union. Installation of dielectric union begins with screwing the threaded end of the galvanized iron pipe. After that, make sure that the copper pipe is well-fitted on the other end of the dielectric union followed by fastening the copper pipe properly at place. These transitional couplings or plumbing fittings have a piece of plastic placed between the 2 attached parts that prevents the different metals from adverse reactions and corrosion.
Attaching galvanized iron to PVC or threaded metal
Transitional plumbing fittings, which are also known as threaded adapters, are widely used to connect PVC pipes with other threaded metal pipes. The threaded connector, which is also made of PVC, is attached to the end of the PVC pipe using a solvent. Once the adapter is firmly aligned, the metal pipe threads are joined with the plumber’s tape and then attached properly for a perfect seal.
Attaching a hot water heater pipe with PVC
It may turn out to be a little tricky to fix a PVC pipe with a hot water heater pipe. The 2 pipes made of 2 different materials have varied rates of contraction and expansion as they would have different resistance levels to temperature variations. Installation of hot water transitional fittings requires a solvent to fix to the PVC and then the same is fixed properly using a plumber’s tape.
Attaching PVC to Copper
Grip fittings that are made of metal with rubber O-rings are required to attach PVC pipes to copper pipes. The ends of the PVC and the copper pipes are affixed to the grip fittings properly and the O-ring of the grip fitting is used to tighten the entire grip between the pipes and the connectors.
Attaching the Water Pipe to the Supply Tube
Shut off valves are supposed to be used any time a water pipe is fixed to a supply tube as these fittings are important not only for their plumber connecting requirements but also for controlling the leakage and wastage of water and for controlling the force of the water-flow.
Attaching PVC Pipe to Cast Iron
PVC pipe is attached to cast iron pipe using transitional connectors made of rubber. The process includes putting the fittings on both the ends of the PVC pipe and cast iron pipe followed by tightening the banded connectors together.
A watertight seal can be achieved by combining these banded couplings with the rubber sleeve.It is valuable to know how to use transitional plumbing fittings as it is considered to be an important skill. This helps us to take care of most elementary plumbing repair work in our homes. Also, the materials used for transitional plumbing fittings can be easily found at home.
transitional plumbing fittings

Joints Inc. – Your Preferred Worldwide Distributor of Vitriolic Flexible Pipe Couplings

Joints has supplied code approved, quality flexible pipe coupling to the construction industry for over 60 years. 

We offer high pressure, vitriolic flexible pipe couplings that are compatible with pipe made from steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastics, ductile iron, HDPE, PVC, Asbestos cement and concrete.
We’ve partnered with the construction, pipe and precast industries in the United States and Canada to provide innovative solutions for flexible connectors. These are also effective in both absorbing vibrations and reducing noise.

We offer the following four intelligently engineered flexible pipe connector ranges: 
1. ARPOLTRANS - Connects pipe with different outside dimensions
2. ARPOLFIX - Flexible couplings for pipe connections with axial restraint
3. ARPOLREP - Flexible couplings for pipe repair
4. ARPOL INSTAL - Flexible couplings for pipe connections 

The advantages of our Vitriolic Flexible Couplings include: 
They are cost effective, because the costs of installation and maintenance are relatively low. 
They come as a complete unit, and are ready-to-install.
Each has only one locking point allowing for hassle-free and quick assembly.
Their low weight yet high strength ensures a long service life.
They require minimum space required for installation.

As the pressure rises, the seal is increased proportionately, and the flexible pipe coupling adapts automatically to internal pressure changes. Our Vitriolic flexible couplings adapt to: 
Angular deflections
Angular movements
Radical deformations
Rough surfaces
Absorbs vibrations

Contact us to discuss your flexible pipe coupling needs. We look forward to working with you.

Enhancing Your Operations with a High-Quality Flexible Pipe Connector Range

Under certain conditions, a rigid pipe connector can prove to be a complete misfit on your pipelines. These conditions could include dimensional variations between pipes, temperate fluctuations, and angular deflections at joints. If you are faced with these concerns, Joints Inc. recommends that you use a flexible pipe connector instead.

We offer a complete range of high-quality vitriolic flexible couplings that are suited for use in high-pressure environments as well. Their compatibility covers pipe materials such as steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastics, ductile iron, PVC, HDPE, concrete and asbestos cement.

Noise reduction and vibration absorption the other secondary traits that enterprises appreciate about this flexible pipe connector range.

We offer a range of flexible couplings for pipes from the house of Arpol. These products are renowned for their quality and durability. And when you purchase these from Joints Inc., cost savings are a given. 

The four variants under flexible pipe couplings include: 
Arpoltrans: Designed specifically for connecting pipes with different outside diameters 
Arpolfix: This line is suited for pipe connections with axial restraint 
Arpolrep: Pipe repair couplings that are designed for durability
Arpol Instal: These flexible couplings are suitable for pipe connections and installation

Our flexible pipe connector range finds applications in a variety of applications ranging from water and waste water conveying to chemical treatment plants to manufacturing and processing industries to the construction sector. 

Joints Inc. can offer innovative solutions that are specifically designed for flexible pipes. Take a moment to visit our website www.jointscouplings.com to learn more. Our team is standing by to assist you.